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  • Breast pad for maternal mother

Breast pad for maternal mother

  • Disposable Absorbing Breast Feed Nursing Pad for Feeding Mother,absorb the breast milk rapidly,main material non-woven fabric, fluff pulp+SAP(jel), tissue paper,  breathable waterproof film, adhesive tape, release paper.


1.surface suitable and breathable:Made with medical suitable feeling,no harm to the skin super breathable, no pollution to the clothes.

2.Super Absortption lock:100% imported SAP lock water polymer quickly lock in overflowed breast milk&Never backflow&keep dry

3.Super comfortable arc design

4.Symmetrical non-slip double paster

5.Each pc has single package.

Product Details:

1.High quality tissue paper can absorb breast milk rapidly and lock moisture firmly

2.Ultimate Soft and decorative border to insure comfort of your skin touch

3.Rubber band to make the pads cover breast very appressed

4.120*130mm O.D.And ultra thin is easy hided in bra

5.Double adhesive tapes keep pad in the bra without any moving

6.Individual packing,hygeian ,safe and convenientPackage Individual packing with sealed PE bag (one or for each bag)+ Gift box (accept OEM).

7.Product material:Medical pure cotton,high molecule polymer,adhesive paper,waterproof and breathable base film


Product  Size(mm)  SAP(g) Weight  (g)

Breast Pad Plane 127*120 1g  4.5g

Breast Pad   Embossed 127*120 1g 4g

Package:1pcs, 8pcs, 10pcs, 20pcs, 36pcs, 80pcs, 100pcs, customized.

Pack with bag, box, barrel, can, etc

Available with private lable ,customer logo,customer brand, printing polybag and carton.

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