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  • Iodophor cotton swab

Iodophor cotton swab

  • Iodophor cotton swab 
  • Combination of Iodine and Povidone, which can kill bacteria,fungi,protozoa and some
  •  virus. It can be used to disinfectant for skin and mucosa,and to deal with burnt and 
  • infection, etc. Povidoneiodine has a good effect for burnt,frostbite,knife cut,abrasion,
  • contusion and other regular injuries,causing less pain
  •  than Iodine and alcohol. 
  • And low density PVP-I is a light brown liquid and
  •  not easy to spoil clothes of the patient.

Products Details

Iodophor cotton swab Description

The main effective active ingredient is Iodine, the percent

Of the efficacious Iodine is 0.45%-0.55%(4500mg/L-5500mg/L).

The common bacteria, such as enteropathogenic bacterial, pyococcus,

Pathogenic yeast, can be killed.

Iodophor cotton swab Application

For the disinfection before surgical operation, and of injection

Skill site, small wound, infected wound and mucous membrane

Applied to disinfect for skin, hand, mucous membranes, etc.

The disinfection for mucous membranes can be only used before or

After diagnosed by doctors in the hospital.

Hospital Antiseptic Used to Help Prevent Infection Minor Cuts,

Burns and Scrapes

Non-Staining and Virtually Non-Irritating Protective Film

PVP-I is used to disinfect skin and appliance in surgery and

Injection or protect patient from infection in stomatology,

Gynecology, chirurgery and dermatology. It is also used to

Sterilize kitchen utensils in family and prevent and cure animals

Diseases. In addition, it acts as good microbicide in food and feed industry.

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