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  • Disposable Toilet Seat Cover

Disposable Toilet Seat Cover

  • Travel Pack Toilet Seat Cover, 38*44cm

Products Details

Travel Pack Toilet Seat Cover,Clean , hygienic, Easy of use , Reduce waste and environment friendly.,

1. The special formula to make paper good solubility in water, avoid the drain plug

2. The disposable use, effectively isolate the virus and stain.

3. The winter can prevent cold toilet more, give you warm caress.

4. The base paper through 450 ° C high temperature processing, so that product more safety and health


1. Convenience: Small pack make it convenient to carry
2. Hygiene: Reduce change of getting skin and other diseases from public toilets
3. Flushable: Easy to disolve in water, aviod clogging the toilet
4. Health: Made by 100% wood pulp, without bleach


Fold type: 1/2,1/4,1/8,1/16,1/24

Color: White

Fibre: Virgin,Mixed,Recycled

Ply: 1ply,2ply

Unfold length : Adjustable, normal 42cm - 44cm

Unfold width: Adjustable, normal 36cm - 37cm

Emobossing: Plain,customized

Packing: 250sheet/pack, 20pks/ctn,customized

Load QTY/40'HC: 1900ctns,Depends

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