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  • Sanitary Napkins

Sanitary Napkins

  • Our Sanitary Napkins uses Gel Technology resulting in higher absorbency, tendering natural feel and longer dry cycle.

Products Details

First layer:Cotton surface:super soft&hydrophilic

Second layer:ADL:Acquisition Distribution Layer,green,white and blue are available

Three layer:Tissue paper:Wrap the fluff pulp

Fouth layer:Fluff Pulp mixed with SAP(super absorbent polymer):absorbent core,can be thin or very thick. 

Fifth layer:Tissue paper:Wrap the fluff pulp

Six layer:Breathable PE backsheet:leackage-pfoof,breathable

Specifications :

Regular products as below, we can produce customized products

245 1g 7g

285 1.5g 8g

325 2g 9g

360 2g 11g

420 2.5g 12g


Bulk pack: 500-1000pcs per clear poly bag, outside with woven bag

Customer pack:10pcs/bag,30bags/carton,etc

Available with private lable ,customer logo,customer brand, printing polybag and carton.

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