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How to Choose the Best Adult Diaper


How to Choose the Best Adult Diaper

Absorbent products, sometimes called "adult diapers" help caregivers to manage incontinence in their elderly parents. Absorbent products are not a treatment of incontinence, but rather a management tool.

Finding the Right Product

There are many factors to consider when choosing an absorbent product: flexibility for your parent's activity level; products for men or for women; size; absorbency level; disposable vs. reusable.

Take all these factors into consideration when looking for a product. You might even find that one product is best for at night, another for during the day, and a third for being out and active, like going for walks.   

Try not to look at the price tags first and instead choose based on your needs. You might even find that a more expensive product will give you better coverage and thus cost you less in the long run.

About Surely Healthy Care Adult Diaper

To meet the needs of different people, Surely Adult Diaper has Economic Thin series for light incontinence , Classic series for general incontinence, Classic Thick series for heavy incontinence with leak guard to prevent side leakage, and also have High Grade series to meet high end consumer with non-woven covered back, wetness indicator,ADL etc.

About Surely Healthy Care Adult Pull up Diaper

Adult pull up Diaper is really much more comfort,move and flex with body. Its 360°elastic waist and underwear style design, let the users feel like wear a pants but not a incontinence diaper. And its also very easy to put off, just tear from the sides and run it out.Based on these features, Adult Pull up Diaper is more suitable for the incontinence with certain ability of activity.

About Surely Healthy Care Underpad


Underpad is more like an indispensable partner with Diaper, wear diaper&lie on the underpad, the elderly parents will have a good sleep night, without worry about leakage and solid the bed.

It is also welcomed on female menstrual period.


Talking about Incontinence

When addressing the issue with your elderly parent, its best to be blunt. Unfortunately, incontinence is an issue that many elders must face. Although buying adult diapers can be embarrassing, the alternative -- having an accident in public -- could be worse.

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